November 3rd to November 7th

AP Language and Composition:

11.3: Bring your notes on Feet in Smoke to class and be prepared to discuss the essay and how the author uses detail to develop his view of his brother’s experience. I’ll ask every student to read their text evidence and then we will discuss the most common details.

Starting Monday, we will also begin reading a series of essays addressing authority and expectations.  To do so, we will use a consistent prompt, which you will need to answer with a sample thesis statement in your notebook for each reading.

Prompt: How do Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, and George Orwell use language in order to develop their respective views of the expectations placed on them by authority.

As you read each essay, you will be expected to place the following in your notebook:

  1. S.O.A.P.S.
  2. Evidence of the author’s view of expectations and authority
  3. Thesis statement using pattern and purpose

Here’s the sequence of the essays we’ll read:

for 11.4: Langston Hughes’ Salvation

for 11.5: Maya Angelou’s Graduation

for 11.6: George Orwell’s Shooting an Elephant

11.7: Close reading activity and paragraph response on a pre-20th century U.S. political document. Paragraph will be due on Monday, 11.10, when we will also have an in-class rhetorical analysis prompt.

English 4:

11.3: We will finish discussing Macbeth by addressing Act 5 Scene 8. I will also check your notebooks for Act 5’s quotes and interpretation. I will discuss the final assignment on Macbeth. While you already have the assignment sheet for the essay, I would like to adjust the assignment.

11.4-5: On Tuesday, I will provide everyone with a pre-writing sheet to use while we watch the film version of Macbeth from start to finish. Before we start, we’ll have a brief discussion about what lessons Macbeth teaches us. With these lessons in mind, we’ll begin watching. As you watch, you will be required to record key scenes and events that teach Shakespeare’s audience a lesson.

11.6: Thursday will be a transition day where you will be expected to organize your notes from the film and the notes in your notebook and choose 5 key quotes that teach the lesson you’ve chosen. You will need to bring your copies of the play with your notes.

11.7: During Friday’s class we will begin creating a visual representation of the lesson the play teaches. I’m uncertain what exact program we will use, but Prezi or are contenders. The goal is to create an infographic which contains 5 key quotes, one from each act of the play, and how those quotes teach the audience a lesson. In short, these two pieces if information would be the core of an essay, but I’d like everyone to render this information by balancing text and visual elements. We’ll take a look at some sample infographics to get ideas. Here’s a good one.

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