Topic Sentences for Rhetorical Analysis

Basic Format:

In the (location adjective) part of his essay (author name) establishes (purpose statement) by (strong verb + what the part of the essay is doing to establish purpose).


In the opening paragraphs of his essay, George Orwell establishes his disgust toward his own authority and that of the Burmese by addressing how poorly he is treated, and as a result, how reluctant he is to serve Imperial Britain.

This topic sentence is related to the pattern portion of the thesis statement.

The idea is to base body paragraphs in rhetorical analysis essays on the major divisions within the text, and then develop each paragraph based on the most noticeable rhetorical choices the author makes within each of those divisions to establish his purpose.

There are 5 major parts of Orwell’s essay; so, if you are writing an entire essay, you would need 5 body paragraphs to fully analyze his evolving view of authority.

Please also refer to the previous post to see how transition language is used to pull the three key parts of analysis together.

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