November 17th to November 21st

AP Language & Composition:

11.17: Narrative Quiz and Composition Day for personal narratives. Consider outlining your idea using SOPS=

Subject– What is a significant moment in your life?, Occasion–Who, What, When, Where did it happen?, Purpose– Why was it important to you?, Style-What sentence length or variation, word choice, paragraph structure, pacing and detail fit your experience?

Here’s an example of my own narrative work

11.18: Peer edit personal narratives. Bring at least 2 printed copies to class. We will use the SOPS to peer edit and then the remainder of the class period will be used for revisions. Final draft will be due on Thursday.

11.19: Comparison/Contrast unit introduction with Two Views of A River by Mark Twain. Complete the take home rhetorical analysis prompt in your notebook. This individual response will be used in concert with group members to write a new, revised paragraph in class on Thursday.

11.20: Personal Narrative due via Google Docs no later than 6.30 AM.

Discuss and compose a group rhetorical analysis paragraph on Twain’s essay. These paragraphs will be shared with me on Google, read aloud and graded in class on Friday.

11.21: Read group paragraphs and assign scores as a class. I will provide an essay reading list for the comparison/contrast unit before you leave for the weekend.

English 4:

11.17: We will begin the week with an introduction to Dystopian Literature using your independent research from last week. We will record the traits & purpose of dystopian literature, along with historical examples on the board, then have a whole group discussion about the genre.

We will also list book titles. Those choosing one of the five options I provided will get their book. If you are reading a book the school does not own; you MUST have a copy of the book by Tuesday’s class period.

11.18: Tuesday is unit planning day. Every student will be provided with a guided note taking packet and instructions. We will also design a 10-12 day reading schedule and everyone will record their specific page or chapter reading assignments in the schedule portion of their notebooks.

11.19-21: From Wednesday, November 19th–Wednesday, December 3rd, every student will be on a slightly different reading schedule; however, I will provide structure and support to each student’s  by introducing documents, quotes, and other subject specific materials that support the unit theme.

These are likely to come from or include seminal U.S. political documents as well as short readings that will define what it means to be a citizen in a democracy, as opposed to a citizen taken advantage of in a dystopia. These short readings and responses will go in your notebook and provide adequate context for each student to fully answer the essential question, which will underlie the final essay:

How does the author use his/her protagonist to make an argument for how a citizen should act when the government becomes too powerful or ceases to exist?

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