November 24th to November 26th

AP Language & Composition:

11.24: Monday will be a work day for your final projects. Bring materials, questions, and be prepared to work on either your final blog post or planning your final essay and presentation.

11.25: Pre-20th Century close reading passage. We’ve not done a close read since we looked at the Wendell Berry speech/prompt. I will provide everyone with short passage for writing and discussion during class. This in class exercise is meant to prepare you for the multiple choice you’ll answer Wednesday in class.

11.26: Multiple Choice Practice. 1-2 passages with between 15-30 questions. This time we will complete a pre-20th and post-20th passage to determine the differences in the process of answering questions on each type.

NOTE: I’ve chosen not to begin the reading sequence in the comparison contrast pattern since we would be getting a false start and then picking back up after break. So, we’ll use these three days to work on your project and to practice the skills which underlie the course. Once we do return on 12.1, we will read a sequence of essays, complete an in class write, and start to work on your own comparison essay.

English 4:

11.24: The Gettysburg Address. This extremely brief speech by Abraham Lincoln illustrates how the Founders’ vision was challenged when the North and South had differing visions of the Founders’ promises as outlined  in the Declaration and the Bill of Rights. We’ll discuss the responsibilities Lincoln claims all his audience members should share in the aftermath of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.

11.25: JFK’s Inaugural Address. We will listen to JFK’s speech, while following along on a hard copy, to determine how the Founders’ vision of a democratic society carried forward from the 18th to the 20th century. This will be the fourth political document in the series of documents you should be compiling to establish how your novel’s dystopian society fails to fulfill the vision of the Founders.

11.26: You will have the entire class period to get through as much of your book as you can and to take the required notes. By the time you get back from break, you should have more than half of your book complete. The note packet will be due on 12.4.

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