December 1st to December 5th

AP Language:

Note: You’ll notice below you don’t have any homework this week. However, I don’t want to leave the comparison pattern behind without each of you developing your own comparison essay, much like you developed your own personal narrative based on that mini unit.

Unlike the narrative, which didn’t require any specific arrangement, I’m going ask everyone to develop an essay based on Twain’s Two Ways of Seeing a River in which he uses 3 paragraphs to make a comment upon his evolving view of the Mississippi River or on Woolf’s The Death of the Moth in which she uses 5 paragraphs to develop her changing view of the moth as it struggles. Your assignment will be to choose a place, an object, an experience, or some other common point of reference and then to develop an essay based on your changing or differing views of the subject as time passed, mimicking one of the two aforementioned authors.

The draft will be due 12.5; the final will be due 12.8; Peer editing for this assignment will be optional and done during after school tutorial on 12.4.

12.1: Woolf and Petrunkevitch prompt on each author’s respective view of their subjects: the moth, the spider & the wasp.

12.2: Practice comparative rhetorical analysis prompt on Okefenokee Swamp from the 1999 AP Language Exam. We’ll use this prompt in class as an exercise to prepare for Wednesday’s timed write.

12.3: In class write requiring a comparative analytical response.

12.4: Self-Assessment of the in class write.

12.5: We are going to go back to argument for the rest of the semester in order to prepare everyone to write their final project essay, which will require an argument framework as well as the incorporation of sources.

I would suggest a close look at and reflection upon your past synthesis essays. The technology in education and literacy synthesis essays are good models on which to base your final essay. Look at your strengths and weaknesses in those essays, then make a plan for improving on your  final essay.

English 4:

12.1: Complete written update #2 on your dystopian novel. Tundra Lab 1st period; Arctic Lab 6th period. The written update will be completed within the already existent Google Document and due by 12.2.

12.2: Quick write on which character for whom you feel the most sympathy or for whom you would most likely support were you a character in the novel. Reading time will follow the brief writing.

12.3: Complete reading and reading notes for tomorrow’s due date.

12.4: Notes on your dystopian novel due for 60 points. I will be grading the righthand column carefully. Make sure you’ve fully responded to the question based on each quote.

12.5: We will pre write for the Dystopian Literature final essay, which will involve explaining how the society in your novel violates the vision of the Foundering Fathers as defined in the political documents we have reviewed as a class. The planning will be complex for this essay because you will have to cite from both the historical documents and the novel. You should have adequate notes on both by Friday; the main task will be to get them organized in a way that will translate to your essay..

We will be in the Arctic Lab on Monday to compose these essays; however, I would HIGHLY encourage you to get started over the weekend so that you are not starting from scratch on Monday. Peer editing will take place 12.9; the final due date will be 12.10.

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