December 8th to December 12th

AP Language and Composition:

12.8-9: Monday, and a part of Tuesday, will be devoted to reading your 3 paragraph comparison essays based on Twain’s structure and sequence. Please share with me on Google Documents: and also bring a hard copy to class from which to read. I will assign grades based on a brief rubric based on the peer editing guidelines posted last week.

If time allows on Tuesday, I will present my semester project. I have posted my Part One Overview of the issue, Part Two engagement with sources, and a Sample Works Cited for everyone to consult as examples.

12.10-11: Work days for your semester project essays. Consider beginning before Wednesday, if you would like me to provide timely feedback on your work. Period 1 will meet in the Tundra Lab upstairs by Ms. Keith’s room. Periods 3 and 5 will meet in the Timber Lab downstairs near the senior hallway.

12.12: Semester Project essay DUE. Although it should be apparent, (there will be no exceptions for late work–a 5% total reduction in your grade will result.)

English 4:

12.8: Meet in the Arctic Lab to continue composing your final essay to answer how your respective author uses his protagonist to make an argument for what a citizen should do when faced with an overbearing or nonexistent government. I will return everyone’s notes to them at the beginning of the class.

12.9: Peer Editing for dystopian essays. Print at least 2 hard copies to bring to class. I will provide peer editing guidance.

12.10-12: Begin a dystopian film (TBD) in order to write a brief comparison between your novel’s dystopian vision and the one which is portrayed in the film.

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