December 15th to December 18th (one to go!)

AP Language & Composition:

This week’s class periods will be singularly devoted to presentations. I have constructed a very basic rubric, based on the 9 point scale, to allow each audience member to provide quick feedback to each presenter. I will collect these rubrics at the end of each class, organize them and return them to the appropriate presenter the following day. Everyone will receive their essay with commentary, and the student feedback. Hopefully this will allow everyone some clear insights into their strengths and weaknesses.

English 4:

Monday and Tuesday will be devoted to planning your two final essays. It will be very helpful to have your class notebook. The monthly calendars in the front, where ideally you have been keeping track of class activities, will be a great resource for the second of the essays you will be asked to write for your final exam on Wednesday or Thursday.

We will also complete a quick writing activity on WALL E which we finished watching last Friday in class. The purpose of this brief response will be to identify areas where everyone needs review of writing structure and arrangement.

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