January 5th to January 9th

AP Language & Composition:

1.5: We will spend our first class period setting up the second semester calendar in your notebook and discussing the semester two final project. I will also hand out a three-column delineation of the three types of open-response questions on the AP Exam, which I’ve been promising for a while now.

1.6: Since we didn’t have time to complete a written reflection before the semester break, we will use Tuesday’s class period to reflect on your experience in the class and first semester’s activities on your blogs. I’ll provide an additional post with questions in due course, and we will meet in the Arctic Lab. It is my hope that you can both finish the reflection assignment and do some introductory research for your semester project.

NOTE: We are going to take a brief break from strictly focusing on rhetorical analysis to complete an argument review. Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail will be the central focus of this review. We will break his letter into 3-4 parts; then, read, notate, and discuss each part. After a close reading and discussion of his letter, you will be required to write your own argument, in response to an issue of your choosing, based on MLK’s development. This will be a good point to revisit your notes on synthesis argument writing. More details below.

1.7: Read the 8 Alabama Clergymen’s argument against nonviolent protest to Martin Luther King Jr. Then, read the introduction to MLK’s argument in Letter from a Birmingham Jail in response to the clergy. MLK’s letter is on page 203 of your book.

1.8: Read MLK’s response to the clergymen’s first argument.

1.9: Read MLK’s response to the clergymen’s second argument.

English 4:

1.5: We will spend Monday setting up your semester calendar in your notebook. You have 14 weeks of school which makes for a short semester. Graduation day is May 11th @ 2pm.

If time allows, we will discuss a project which is meant to introduce you to the key figures of the Civil Rights Movement. This will provide context for reading Invisible Man, which is the literary focus of third quarter and will allow us to explore issues of social justice.

1.6: Research time for project in the Library

1.7: Research time for project in the Library

1.8: Complete visual aid and written portion for the project in the Arctic Lab

1.9: Presentations start. You will draw a number from a hat to determine order of presentations. All written requirements will be due at the beginning of the class period.


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