March 2nd to March 5th

AP Language & Composition:

3.2: Monday we will have our final discussion about the sequence of 4 essays from 50 Essays, this time on Simic’s essay, A Reunion with Boredom. Please have all of your notebook work on the essays complete.

3.3: ACT testing day. For those who took the SAT last week, please bring materials to work on your semester project.

3.4: We will spend the period watching the PBS Frontline documentary, Generation Like. The running time is just beyond 53 minutes; so, we will likely have to finish the last few minutes on Thursday.

3.5:  We will finish Generation Like and watch select TED Talks on social media to round out your sources on Technology, Media, and Culture. After Spring Break we will analyze a model editorial in an effort to gather writing ideas before composing your own editorial on your blogs.

3.6: No School; SB ’15 begins for students.

English 4

A Note on the Reading: Chapter 23, Part 2 through the end of Chapter 25 recounts the author’s official departure from the Brotherhood and his descent into the underground. The second half of chapter 23 is the narrator’s discussion with Brother Hambro, the party’s philosopher. It becomes clear to the narrator that he was being played by the Brotherhood and Jack, just like he was by Norton, Bledsoe, and Emerson earlier in the book. In order to get further information about the Brotherhood’s inner workings, he pretends to still be loyal and attends a party in Chapter 24. Once at the party, he intends to seduce a woman to get the information he needs. This is the exact opposite situation from Chapter 19, where he was taken advantage of by the woman in red. It’s clear that the tables have turned. In the midst of the conversation with Sybil (the woman), he overhears the noise of the riot in Harlem. The riot occupies the last chapter of the book. In this chapter he sees the entire sequence of events in Harlem with the Brotherhood in a new light, realizes he has been used like a natural resource, and has one last encounter with Ras the Destroyer. This ends when he actually falls underground through a manhole and decides to stay there. The epilogue is written from the underground, returning readers to the prologue, from where the narrator began the story. However, in the epilogue the narrator changes his tone slightly. He intends to move beyond his underground hovel to re-engage in the world and to attempt to make a change with his newfound wisdom.

3.2: We will briefly review the first part of Chapter 23 for the quiz, then discuss the narrator’s conversation with Brother Hambro.

Read Chapter 24, the Brotherhood party and Sybil

3.3: Conversation will focus on the narrator’s interaction with members of the Brotherhood based on his newfound knowledge and pretending to be loyal.

Read Chapter 25, Part 1, The burning apartment building

3.4: Our discussion will focus on the symbolism of the narrator’s briefcase and his actions to retrieve it from the fire. This is the same briefcase he was given at the Battle Royal in chapter 1.

Read Chapter 25, Part 2, The last encounter with Ras

3.5: We will finish our discussion of the book with how the narrator has changed from a naive high school student to a well-seasoned individual who has been through several harrowing experiences, but survived and become a more well-rounded individual.

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