March 16th through March 20th

AP Language and Composition:

Please sign up for the upcoming March 21st (next Saturday) Study Session at Bartlett using this LINK. The password is the same as always SSS2014. 

3.16: Monday we will deconstruct and analyze a model editorial for structure, purpose, and source integration. You should decide on an issue related to media, technology, and culture around which to base your editorial argument. We will be working on composing it the remainder of the week.

3.17: ~25 minutes to write an argument without sources to the issue related to media, technology, and culture. After writing, we will have a debriefing discussion to  consider revision options, and where sources should be integrated.  Remember to pay close attention to the language you use to both introduce the source’s argument and then transition to your own.

3.18: Compose a draft editorial in Google Documents. Copy and paste the text to your blog in a post titled: Editorial in Process. Print 3 hard copies for class with your blog address in the header of your hard copies. Your peer editors will need it to complete the process outlined below.

3.19: Peer edit by the traditional in class method, including written commentary, on each of member of your group’s hard copy rough drafts. Then, visit each writer’s blog to leave constructive feedback in narrative form in the comment section of their Editorial in Process post.

3.20: Visit your blogs, read through the commentary on your rough draft. Copy and paste the text from your draft post to a new post entitled Editorial Final, make the necessary revisions, then publish as a final post by Monday.

This means you need a first draft post and a final draft post distinct from one another. We will spend time revisiting the blogs on Monday to make final comments on the post via the 9 point rubric. You will be asked to provide a 1-9 score in a comment, along with a narrative justification, for each of your peer editors.

English 4:

Project Completion Week: Please see the handout I provided on the Friday before spring break for an overview of this project based on Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man.

3.16: Arctic Lab for building blogs. We will be using WordPress blogs so that I can monitor students’ progress on this project and so that we can use these blogs with our final unit of the year on nature and environment.

Here’s the link to get started. All you will need is an email address and a name for your blog address. It is free to create. You should name your blog something that represents your work as a student in my English class. Your last name and period number will work, but I would rather you think of a unique wordplay on your name.

3.17: Continue blog building in the Arctic Lab and share your address with me in the Google Document shared with the entire class. Your full name should go in the left hand column, and your full blog address in the right hand column.

Any surplus time after building your blog should be spent on researching your chosen topic, and gathering source information.

3.18: Library time for research and source collection. You will owe me a printed works cited page by the time you leave the library on Thursday.

3.19: Library time for research and source collection. Works Cited due by the end of class.

3.20: I will provide all students with a multimodal writing handout, which will explain how to balance both text and visual media in order to compose a stronger post for your final project. The goal will be to enhance your research and interpretation by using visual elements that show the audience what you are discussing. The alignment between text and visual elements should lead to a much stronger effect on your reading audience. The remainder of class will be used to pre-write and plan your post.

The Arctic Lab is reserved next Monday and Tuesday to compose your final post.

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