English 4 Invisible Man Research

Before you begin formally researching your chosen topic, create a page on your blog on which to store your MLA citations for the 6 sources required by the assignment.

To do this, log into your WordPress account, go to the administrative page, click on “pages”, “create new” then title the page “IM Research”. This will create a new page on your blog on which you can store any content separate from the main page of your blog, where new posts appear. 

Once you have this page created, you should create an MLA citation for each major source you are going to use for Part I of your project. The IM Research page will act as a digital Works Cited page. You can also include brief notes and other information on this page as you research your topic. When the final assignment is complete, I will visit your blog to grade the finished product, then visit the IM Research page to check for the accuracy and thoroughness of your research by checking your citations.

Here are helpful links to our own library’s research databases:

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