March 23rd to March 27th

AP Language & Composition:

3.23: Please post the final draft of your editorial to your blog as a new post, distinct from the first draft with your peer editors’ comments. Writing groups will visit each group member’s blog, leave a 1-9 score, and commentary based on the rubric. With the remainder of class we will finalize our discussion on the MC set you completed last Friday.

*Depending on how long it takes to get the scoring done, we may bump this schedule forward one full day to accommodate for a lengthier discussion of the MC set on Tuesday.

You will be assigned to read a short passage and take notes for either Tuesday or Wednesday’s discussion. This will initiate our re-entry into rhetorical analysis, which was a focal point of quarter 3 reflections

3.24: Discussion of Edward Abbey’s view of the desert when compared to more attractive landscapes from The Great American Desert using the 3 Levels of Text protocol.  Read and take notes on Dave Barry for Wednesday’s discussion.

3.25: Discussion of Dave Barry’s characterization of the difference between men and women in an excerpt from Revenge of the Pork Person  using The Last Word protocol.

After reading and discussing these excerpts, you will be responsible for developing a typed rhetorical analysis paragraph on 1 of the 2 excerpts; it will be due on Thursday, 3/26.

3.26: Paragraphs due. In class write to a rhetorical analysis prompt.

3.27: Score rhetorical analysis. I will provide next Monday’s class period to work on your March Project Post which will be due Tuesday, 3.31 by 6 AM.

English 4:

3.23: Please have Part 1 of your Research Project posted to your blog. We are going to complete a peer editing activity which involves visiting blogs and leaving revision comments. You will need to moderate the comments so they appear on your blog. Or, you may choose to read them privately and then discard them.

Meet in the Arctic Lab.

3.24: We will spend the period talking about the structure and expectations of Part 2 of your project, which will get added to the post you’ve already started in order to write Part 1. Remember to bring your assignment sheet which contains the 3 questions you must answer in Part 2.

3.25: You will be given the class period to write Part 2 of your research project on your blog. We will be using the classroom netbooks; so, if you would like to bring your own technology, feel free. The final draft of your research project will need to be posted to your blog by Friday so that the rest of the class can visit your blog and comment on your work.

3.26: Flex day. We will either continue work on your projects, addressing any technical assistance needed to insert media and finish writing, or move on to introduce the final unit of the year by answering an essential question and watching the first episode of Ken Burns’ National Parks Documentary.

3.27: We will spend Friday visiting the class’s research projects, and leaving constructive commentary on each. Instead of a traditional presentation to the class, this will require you to visit a number of other students’ blogs, read their project, and then leave them a comment.

This will serve two purposes: it will give each student valuable feedback, and allow everyone to gain a greater understanding of how Ralph Ellison uses inter-text references to enhance the meaning of his novel.

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