English 4, Research Part I, Peer Editing Guidelines

Visit at least two other students’ research on their blogs. The addresses to all student blogs are located in the Google document which is shared with you.

When visiting their blog, go through the following list, take notes in your notebook as  you go, and then give the writer constructive feedback in a comment on their post.

  1. Read through once paying attention to grammar, punctuation, word choice, and sentence structure. Take note of points that need improvement.
  2. Re-Read the introduction. The first paragraph should clearly introduce the writer’s subject and give some general background information. Make sure you can easily understand the focus of the research
  3. Read the body paragraphs. Focus on how the writer introduces the quote–ideally the quote should be part of a sentence the writer started. Then, make sure the quoted material does not exceed 2-3 sentences. Finally, look carefully at the sentences after the quote to make sure the writer connects the quote to the subject they are researching in an understandable way.
  4. Read the last 1-2 paragraphs of the post. These paragraphs should start to transition to the comparison the writer will make the Invisible Man in the second part of their project.
  5. Lastly, pay attention to what kind of images and video the writer used to complement his or her text. The visual elements should align with the text and add meaning for the audience.

In your comment, first give the writer positive feedback, then ask any questions about items you did not understand, and finally, give them suggestions on what needs to be revised before the final draft is published.

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