April 6th to April 10th

AP Language & Composition:

4.6: Start rhetorical analysis presentations. Every student will be given a packet with all of the prompts the groups selected to present. As each group presents, those in the audience should take notes, annotate, and follow the analysis in the presentation. Doing so will allow you to respond to your chosen prompt much quicker after presentations are over.

4.7: Conclude analysis presentations, and select one prompt from the packet to which to respond.

4.8: Periods 2 & 3 meet in the Tundra (upstairs lab). Period 5 meet in the Timber (downstairs, senior hallway lab).

You will have the class period to respond to one of the analysis prompts on your blog. Your response will need to be published by the end of the period and be limited to 750 words. Use the word count tool in WordPress to keep track of your total.

4.9: Multiple Choice Practice.

4.10: Quick in class written argument response to a quote, followed by discussion. The purpose of this exercise will be to re-familiarize you with open argument prompts. This will lead us, on Monday, to a new project. This will also give you the weekend to review the open argument prompts and choose one to bring to your group’s meeting on Monday. More below….

Begin project based argument on Monday. Monday-Wednesday will be work days. Thursday and Friday will be presentation days. The focus of this assignment will be on using outside evidence to support the group’s response to an open argument of their choice. The structure will be similar to the rhetorical analysis project, but this time much more of the content of the presentation will rely on the group’s collective knowledge and ability to research.

English 4:

4.6: Discussion of chapter 2 of East of the Mountains in which Ben Givens is rescued by a young couple who allow him to escape his single-mindedness, if only for a moment.

4.7: Discuss chapter 3.

4.8: Discuss chapter 4, Part 1, pages (61-77).

4.9: Meet in the Tundra (upstairs lab) to type your first response based on the essential question at the top of your notes on pages 1-77.   Notes due for the first four reading assignments by the end of the period. Read Chapter 4 , Part 2 for Friday.

4.10: Discuss chapter 4, part 2. Read chapter 4, part 3, pages (91-108) for Monday.

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