April 13th to April 17th

AP Language and Composition:

4.13: Bring an open argument question from the released AP Language exams located at this link. The open argument is question #3. Choose one, which connects most with your background knowledge and experience. This will enable you to quickly identify evidence.

We will get into small groups on Monday to start to complete an open argument project in which each group member takes a different side of the argument. If your prompt gives the option of defense, qualification, and refutation, then it is possible to have three group members; if there is only a defense and refutation option, you will need to form a partnership. Once your group has decided on a prompt, you will need to write the year, form, and subject on the white board so we don’t have overlap within classes.

4.14: Continue work on the argument. Tuesday should be spent identifying evidence and making sure that there will be smooth transitions between each speaker. Since each group member will deliver a different side of the argument, it would make sense to offer the defense and refutation; then, have the group member who is qualifying the argument speak last. No matter what, choose a logical progression that will allow the audience to follow the flow of your argument.

4.15: Assuming each group member has identified evidence and outlined their portion of the argument, Wednesday should be spent creating a visual, which the group can use to usher the audience through the different sides of the issue. You will still need to identify the rhetorical situation, and offer a basic overview of the issue at argument. This can usually be found directly stated in the prompt or implicitly offered in the quote that accompanies the prompt.

4.16-17: Both Thursday & Friday will be reserved for presentations, and reflection on the process you followed to complete the argument.

English 4: 

4.13: Discuss Chapter 4, Part 3. Read Chapter 5 for Tuesday.

4.14: Discuss Chapter 5. Read Chapter 6 for Wednesday.

4.15: Discuss Chapter 6. Notes DUE. Read Chapter 7 for Friday

4.16: Compose #2 of 4 blog posts in response to the essential question at the top of your notes. We will use the Netbooks in my classroom to write your blog post since all labs are reserved for testing. You can also bring your own computer if you would like.

4.17: Discuss Chapter 7. Read Chapter 8, Part 1, Pages 163-182 for Monday.

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