April 20th to April 24th

AP Language 

4.20: Monday will be different for each class period. Period 2 will have a project workday, Period 3 will finish presentations, and period 5 will finish a final presentation and then have time to work on final projects. Regardless of class period, I will provide everyone with a format handout for the final blog post due in about 2 weeks. This will be a planning post rather than an update on April’s reading, watching and listening.

4.21: All students will write an in class essay response to one of the open argument prompts the class presented last week and on Monday.

4.22: We will take the first portion of class to score your open argument response and then to reflect on the process. After scoring your writing, we will spend the remainder of the period completing a single multiple choice passage, scoring it, and then discussing the most missed questions. In anticipation of the Room for Debate project, please visit the site (linked twice below) and decide on an issue about which you are interested in arguing. Come to class on Thursday with an issue in mind to share with your group.

4.23: On Thursday we will begin a Room for Debate project formally. While this is not directly tied to the test review, it resembles a synthesis argument. You will be responsible for choosing a contemporary topic from the Room for Debate site, reading and assessing the sources, and then developing a position on the issue of your choice, using at least three of the sources on the site.

4.24: Continue Room for Debate project.

English 4: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past. ” William Faulkner

4.20: Monday’s discussion will focus on chapter 8, part 1 in which Ben recalls his service in WWII.

Read 8, Part 2 for Tuesday.

4.21: Tuesday we will finish the discussion of Ben’s war service and what it has to do with the present circumstances in the book. We will focus on the same question I asked about Chapter 4–how does Ben’s past inform how he deals with his present challenges, including his illness and Rex’s injury.

Read Chapter 9, Part 1 for Wednesday.

4.22: Wednesday we will discuss the first portion of chapter 9 in which Ben wakes up in the motel room, has to settle accounts with the vet who helped Rex, and continue his journey. THE THIRD SET OF NOTES ARE DUE! I will also provide you with the final set of notes for the final 4 reading assignments.

4.23: Thursday will be a writing day for blog post 3 of 4. The post must be complete by Friday.

Read the rest of Chapter 9 for Friday. This should be the first set of notes in your new packet.

4.24: Our discussion of the final part of chapter 9 will return to the relationship between Ben’s past and present. He has a discussion with a student on a bus ride, which resembles his encounter with the drifter and with the driver who dropped him off at the vet’s office. We should be able to establish a trend about how his chance encounters with kind strangers influence Ben.

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