April 27th to May 1st

AP Language and Composition:

4.27: Monday we will conduct a seminar-like discussion on the 7 sources accompanying the synthesis question on schools, conformity, and individuality. Make sure to have your source prepared so that your group can actively participate in the discussion.

4.28: Synthesis in class write.

4.29: Writing day for the final project blog post. Please follow the handout I provided last week or adapt it to your purposes. This post will be due Thursday morning.

4.30: We will spend the first part of class self-assessing your synthesis essay. I would like to spend the latter half of class informally discussing your final project letter and product. Since you will have written your final blog posts, I am hoping we can start discussing how to get the final letter and product finished.

5.1: We’ll spend Friday practicing multiple choice.

English 4:

4.27: We will focus our discussion on Chapter 10 in which Ben gets off the bus, continues to help the sick apple picker, Emilio, and then they venture toward orchard country together.

Read Chapter 11 for Tuesday

4.28: Chapter 11 details Ben’s interaction with the man on the motorcycle and his wolfhounds. We’ll focus on his meeting with the people on the man’s orchard.

Finish the book for Thursday

4.29: Senior Fun Day.

4.30: We’ll focus Thursday’s discussion on the general patterns and trends as they developed throughout the book. Ideally, we should be able to outline Ben’s journey, his surroundings, and how they have affected his view of himself and the world around him.

5.1: Friday will be a writing day for your final update on the book. Depending on class preference, I may adapt this post to prewriting for your final essay, which will consist of content from your first three posts. We’ll talk and make a decision together.

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