May 4th to May 8th

AP Language & Composition:

5.4: On Monday I will hand back your conformity v. individuality synthesis essays, and we will discuss argument & thesis statement structure, source incorporation, as well as transition & return language. In essence, this will be a basic review of argument structure and the language required to introduce and respond to source material in argument.

5.5: Tuesday we’ll practice one more open argument by working through a prompt together, writing a brief response, and then discussing overall structure. This is an open response question where you will want a plan before beginning to write, especially on test day. I will make suggestions and you are welcome to reflect on your past prompts in order to identify a strategy. We will also discuss strategy for quickly identifying evidence.

5.6: Wednesday I will give you a handout on rhetorical analysis structure. I will also provide you with a prompt we have not responded to this year, and we’ll work through it and write a brief response, much like Tuesday’s routine. We’ll also discuss analytical thesis statements, essay structure, and address any other questions you might have.

5.7: Thursday we will work through a final multiple choice practice set. I’m only going to use one set this time so we have more time to talk about strategy.

5.8: Since your final project letter is due next Monday (5/11), and that day will be hectic because of graduation, I’m going to give you the class period to work on your letter and to ask me any questions before you leave for the week. This should give everyone a chance to address the challenges of structuring the letter and explaining a lot of concepts in a brief space.

*Those of you in 2nd & 3rd period will see me on Monday’s half day (5/11). Please bring questions about your project product, which will be due Monday 5/18.

English 4:

5.4: Monday will be a final day to compose your essay on East of the Mountains. The final draft should be published on your blog no later than the time you get to class on Tuesday.

5.5: We will start the class period by self-assessing your essays. This will give you a chance to give me insight on how well the writing came together, and give me a basis for which to grade your work more efficiently.

5.6: The National Parks Documentary

5.7: The National Parks Documentary for Period 1. Final Exam for period 6

5.8: Final Exam for Period 1. Graduation practice last half of the day.

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