Project Letter Guidance


Your final letter is due by the morning of Monday, May 11th. The letter should cover the most important insights you have had while completing your project. The purpose of this project was to think about your own thinking, to be metacognitive. In other words, I am attempted to give you an opportunity to monitor your own learning, insights, connections, and observations. Now it is time to make your thinking visible in the letter and the final product.

Letter Prompt:

Considering the content of your project as source material, develop a position on how the content influenced your thinking. Avoid summarizing the content of your project–your thought process should be central. Cite no more than 2-3 lines of evidence from a source before addressing how it influenced you.

Suggested Arrangement:

While it might be endearing to begin with: Dearest Mr. Almon, I would suggest addressing the letter To Whom It May Concern since your classmates will also be reading your work.

Then, break the letter into three sections

  1. Provide an overview of the most important changes in your thinking, including insights, connections, observations, and patterns you noticed. (1 paragraph introduction)
  2. Work through the content, which had the most profound influence on your thinking. Hyperlinks to the content (if it is video or internet based) would be ideal. Cite brief evidence from the content, then elaborate on how it influenced your thinking. (Break this down into multiple paragraphs based on the major shifts in thought)
  3. Reflect on how your overall thinking has changed as a result of the process. (1 paragraph conclusion)
  4. Don’t forget to include a works cited–it would be ideal to include this as a hyperlink to a Google Document so it doesn’t take over the letter.

The Product:

Once your letter is complete, you will still need to add a digital product that represents your thought process. The product must be added to the post containing your letter by no later than Monday, May 18th. On Monday and Tuesday, we will spend time reading and reviewing the projects in class. Your content will need to be final by then so that your classmates and I can comment on your work. I won’t put my final score in the comment; however, I will give you specific feedback.

Your final obligation for the class will be to write a course evaluation during your final exam period–but more on that later….

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