May 18th to May 21st

AP Language and Composition:

5.18-19: Throughout Monday and Tuesday’s classes, we are going to use the Chromebooks to visit, read, and comment upon your peers’ final projects on their blogs. Please have your final product and the bolded question or thematic focus embedded in your letter, or throughout it, by tomorrow morning. Students from other class periods will visit your blog to comment; so, don’t wait until right before class to get it done.

  • Please bring headphones to class so that you can watch/listen to students’ final products without disrupting others’ focus. I will have some  headsets for student use as well.
  • We will use the “Student Blogs” page on my website in order to access other students’ blogs.
  • The goal  will be to visit the student projects in your class period as well as some projects outside of your class period by the end of Tuesday’s class period.

5.20-21: On Wednesday 5.20 periods 2 and 3 will write their course evaluations. On Thursday 5.21 period 5 will write their course evaluations. This will be done on Google Docs. Look for an invitation to the set of questions, which you will need to copy and paste and answer in your own document, which you share with me.

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