AP Language Final Evaluation 2014-15

My People!

I’ve just finished grading your final projects this morning, and it is readily evident that everyone has made noticeable progress in their reading and writing this year. It has been exciting to push you, and to watch you grow as a result.

Every year I collect feedback from students in order to better adapt the course to students’ needs. This is your chance to make constructive suggestions. And though I won’t be teaching the class next year, I will read your feedback and distill it for my successor.

Thanks in advance. Onward!

Mr. Almon


  • Copy & Paste the  questions below to a Google document.
  • Title the document: “Course Evaluation + your last name”
  • Share the document with me: Almon_Luke@asdk12.net
  • Answer the questions using detail from the class assignments and activities to support your suggestions.

More Directions & The Questions:

Please bold the questions in your Google document; then use regular font to answer so there is a visual difference. Use 1.15 spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, or other font with serifs, to ease reading.

  1. Which aspects of the class do you believe led to the most growth in your own reading and writing ability? What adjustments would you make to make them even stronger?
  2. Which aspects of the class do you think need adjustment or improvement?  Consider units/themes/content that could be adjusted, added, or emphasized more to lead to more growth in your reading and writing ability.
  3. Considering your answers to #’s 1 & 2: Do you believe the course adequately prepared you for the AP Exam, and more importantly, for future English & writing courses? Explain!
  4. Think for a moment about your reading and writing ability when you entered the class in August of 2014, and those same abilities today. Can you tell a noticeable difference in your overall reading & writing ability? How has your approach to these common school related tasks changed as a result? Explain!
  5. Any feedback/comments that did not fit neatly into the categories above can be left here. This might include how the units & content of the course were presented, the final projects, use of blogs, or other overall content/sequence concerns.
  6. Any other thoughts or comments for the good of the cause?
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